Peak Performance Expert System

£8,423.81 £10,108.57 (inc. VAT)

The pinnacle of the Peak Performance packages is the expert package. Built for
the advanced biofeedback practitioner, get a full lineup of software and
hardware to fully train your athlete’s psychophysiology, and have the
opportunity to completely bridge the gap between mind and body for true peak
performance. This package is designed to help your athletes learn to make
better decisions, increase their consistency, and make the micro adjustments
necessary to look out from the top of the podium instead of watch from the
locker room.
T7500M ProComp Infiniti Encoder with Biograph Infinite Software & 360 Suite
SA8020 Peak Performance Suite
SA7945 Reaction Time Suite
SA7590 CardioPro Suite
T9306M EKG Sensor
SA9311M Respiration Sensor
SA0309M Skin Conductance Sensor
SA9310M Temperature Sensor
T9306M EKG Sensor
T9503M EMG MyoScan Sensor x 2
T9305Z EEG-Z Sensor
T3402M Triode Electrodes
T3425 Uni-Gel Electrodes
SA2306 EEG Headband
T7670 TT AV-Sync
SA7551 Push Button x 2
T9600 Tele-Infiniti™ Compact Flash