Neurofeedback Expert System

£6,633.88 £7,960.66 (inc. VAT)

Get the most out of your neurofeedback protocols by adding peripheral physiological measures. The ProComp Infiniti system is our most versatile encoder device and includes a set of classic biofeedback sensors with 2 EEG sensors and a pIR HEG headset. This allows any user to combine EEG or HEG with physiology or heart rate variability (HRV) when assessing or doing self-regulation training.

T7500M ProComp Infiniti Encoder with Biograph Infinite Software & 360 Suite,

SA9311M Respiration Sensor,

SA0309M Skin Conductance Sensor,

SA9310M Temperature Sensor

SA9308M Blood Volume Pulse Sensor or T9306M EKG Sensor

T9503M EMG MyoScan Sensor

T3402M Triode Electrodes

T9305Z 2 x EEG-Z Sensors

T8750 2 x Monopolar Bipolar Kits with DIN Cables

T2600 TT-pIR Headgear