T9595 Tele-Infiniti™ CF

£915.99 £1,099.19 (inc. VAT)

Tele-Infiniti is a Bluetooth Class II telemetry unit that attaches to Thought Technology’s encoders and transmits data to 10+ meters (30+ feet). Ideal for their small devices such as ProComp2™ and MyoTrac3™ .

T7551 Foot Switch

£124.99 £149.99 (inc. VAT)

Foot Pedal connects to all encoders and allows you to remotely set a time mark, move a script to the next step or respond to a stimulus

SA9387M Switch Sensor Cable

£50.99 £61.19 (inc. VAT)

The switch sensor cable is a replacement cable designed specifically for use with the ProComp2 encoder and the EEG-Z sensor for impedance testing.