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Biofeedback Introduction

Biofeedback Introduction

11 Jan 2022

Biofeedback therapy allows you to become aware of and learn to control undesired physiological changes caused by stress through self-regulation.

Biofeedback is a therapeutic method which uses the mind to help the body. It does this with specialized equipment that is designed to detect and amplify the subtle physiological processes related to stress and give instantaneous feedback on whether it increases or decreases, using audiovisual cues. This physiological mirroring creates a feedback loop which allows your client to become aware of, and learn to control, the mostly subconscious internal reactions to stress.

Classic biofeedback protocols use physiological sensors to measure arousal with skin conductance (#GSR), peripheral blood flow with hand temperature, and muscle tension with electromyography (#EMG). A multi-channel encoder device sends the physiological signals to a powerful data acquisition and multimedia biofeedback software to convert physiological changes into intuitive and understandable information that your client can use to learn self-regulation.

To get started, you can choose from a full range of starter, intermediate and expert bundled systems, pre-packaged with all you need to introduce classic biofeedback into your clinical practice or, if you prefer, put together your own system by picking and choosing individual components from our catalogue.

Bluetooth wireless solutions such as the TPS are now also available, making therapy sessions even easier for your clients.

In either case, you can call us 0333 050 2862 or email and speak to one of our experts for assistance.

Our Starter, Intermediate and Expert system bundles are designed to meet the needs of novice and advanced biofeedback practitioners with any budget.

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