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Muscle Rehabilitation

Muscle Rehabilitation

10 Jan 2022

Electromyography (EMG) biofeedback therapy is a well-known tool for muscle rehabilitation to restore muscular strength, improve fine control and restore balance in one or more muscle groups.

Expand your surface #electromyographic biofeedback practice with this compact and easy-to-use computerised 4-channel system for SEMG biofeedback and electrical muscle stimulation (ESTIM). The system can be used in standalone mode as a neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) device. Paired to an Android device, it can be used for ESTIM, #EMG #biofeedback for muscle rehabilitation and EMG-triggered #STIM. The MyOnyx system comes with EMG leads, electrodes and everything you need to use right out of the box.

The MyOnyx Basic system is a 4-channel SEMG bifeeedback and electrical muscle stimulation device which offers a lot of functionality in one small package. Perfect for physical therapists always on the move, the MyOnyx comes with all you need to do 1 or 2 channels of surface EMG, 1 to 4 channels of NEMS and EMG triggered stimulation (EMG-STIM) on 1 or 2 muscle sites.

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