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Light at the end of the concussion tunnel

Light at the end of the concussion tunnel

12 Apr 2022

Following years of undiagnosed trauma former professional rugby player, Justin Wring sees some light at the end of a very long concussion tunnel.

Justin Wring enjoyed many years playing professional rugby with Leeds, Bristol and Stade Francais. As a front row player Justin was fully committed to the physical challenges playing rugby presented.  Like many others, Justin accepted the physical toll that playing professional rugby takes on the body but nothing prepared him for the damage caused by repeated concussions in training and in matches.

After many years of suffering from severe mental illness, including considering taking his own life, last year Justin received a worrying diagnosis of probable CTE and early-onset dementia, which at least provided an answer, but also confirmation of an uncertain future. 

Feeling lost and without much support Justin felt forgotten.  After a meeting with Alix Popham, Justin was put in touch with Afshan Morgan from Biofeedback Tech Ltd.

“Justin was in a very bad state when we first met in August 2021”, said Afshan. “He was severely depressed and suicidal.  He also suffered from night terrors and non-epileptic seizures”.

Afshan started working with Justin and introduced him to Heart Rate Variability Biofeedback (HRVB) training, which as a sports professional Justin followed impeccably. Within weeks Justin began to feel much better, including improved sleep. Over the following months, and despite covid restrictions, and the many challenges that life can present, Justin was slowly able to see a future.

In October 2021 Justin received a quantitative electroencephalogram(QEEG) assessment.  The assessment showed areas of damage to the brain that will allow more precise Neurofeedback training to be undertaken when Justin is ready.

I was astounded that so many answers or information can be revealed due to a QEEG assessment. Like many in rugby and the general population, I never knew experts are capable of revealing issues such as oxygen deprived damaged areas which may be causing my seizures. Without knowing me, a QEEG shows all my issues and helps make sceptical people more confident of actually getting something out of the assessment and training. It should give hope to concussed or brain damaged players. said Justin.I will forever be grateful for the support from Afshan and all at Biofeedback Tech Ltd and would say this life changing assessment and training is needed in all contact sports.

Justin was advised to continue with the HRVB training but also to take Vitamins B1, B2 and B12 and start very light aerobic exercise.

“Whilst I continue to face many challenges, I see a future”, said Justin. I hope many other rugby players and others who may have suffered from concussions can also learn from my story and with help look forward to a brighter future”.

We continue to work with Justin, said Afshan.  It’s only the start and Justin needs much more support to help him live with this lifelong condition.


More Information: 

HRVB – Heart Rate Variability refers to the variation in the time interval between heartbeats. These variations can indicate current or future health problems, including heart conditions and mental health issues like anxiety and depression. HRV can be measured and with training improved with Biofeedback equipment – HRVB. HRVB is now more widely recognised as helpful in enabling those with concussions to regulate their ANS or autonomic nervous system.

A QEEG (Quantitative Electroencephalogram) is a diagnostic tool that measures electrical activity in the form of brain wave patterns. It is sometimes referred to as "brain mapping."  A QEEG can reveal brain wave patterns that are associated with impulsivity, cognitive inflexibility, anxiety, and other symptoms.