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Get in the zone faster, Stay there longer

Get in the zone faster, Stay there longer

25 Oct 2021

Form will peak unreliably without mental and emotional control. That leads to inconsistent results and performance anxiety – causing players to choke at key moments.

A players competitive advantage is faster, clearer thinking. Unlocking their body’s full potential means reaching high focus at just the right time.  Improve your players focus for better performance under pressure.

Using Biofeedback tools, players will learn how to quieten an overly busy brain so they can call on peak mental performance at will. Your players will take their performances to a new level through enhanced emotional control.

Biofeedback / Neurofeedback in football goes back many years. The Italian football team that won the 2006 World Cup used Neurofeedback and is considered the secret weapon that helped AC Milan defeat Manchester United 3-0 and advance to the Champions League Football final in 2007.

More recently Biofeedback has been used at Chelsea and many other professional football clubs around the world to help their players perform better under pressure.

A significant change in how Biofeedback can be applied in the Football world is with the advent of wearable devices, linked via apps to a mobile device.

Now the coaches & players can see in real-time how a player is mentally prepared.